Lowesby Census Returns - 1841

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Elizabeth NeedhamHead50N
Robert Needham25Y
William Needham20Y
Sarah Needham14Y
Thomas ClarkeHead35Y
Sarah Clarke30Y
Matthew Clarke4Y
Sarah Clarke2Y
Thomas LargeHead15Y
Ann Smith15Y
William SnowHead45Y
Ruth Snow40Y
Thomas KingHead15Y
Jonathan MartinHead50Y
Elizabeth Martin55Y
Ann Martin55Y
John MartinHead50Y
Elizabeth Martin50Y
Mary Martin20Y
James Martin15Y
Sarah FisherHead60Y
George FowkeHead15N
Lawrence Fowke13Y
Anne Fowke11Y
Susan JonesHead35N
Eliza Pintenx20Foreign Parts
Henry Buttinp25Y
Mary Buttinp30N
Charles Buttinp4Y
Catherine Buttinp1Y
Mary Goodman35Y
Elizabeth Meadows15Y
Jane Meadows13Y
Frederick TesterHead25N
Elizabeth Tester25N
Frederick Tester5 MoY
George JonesHead35N
Matilda Jones35N
Matilda Jones1N
Sarah KnightHead20N
John BentHead50Y
Elizabeth Bent50Y
George UnderwoodHead30Y
Elizabeth Underwood40Y
Maria Underwood7Y
Elizabeth HigginsHead20Y
Thomas Goodman35Y
Sarah Goodman30Y
Sarah Goodman9Y
William Goodman7Y
Eleanor Goodman5Y
Maria Goodman3Y
Elizabeth Goodman3 MoY
Thomas Goodman65Y
William ArnoldHead29Y
Lydia Cast15Y
Anne ThomasHead35Y
Henry Thomas15Y
Marianne Thomas15Y
Fergus Thomas14Y
Thomas Thomas12Y
St John Thomas10Y
Helen Thomas8Y
Charles Thomas6Y
Clara Thomas4Y
Emma Thomas1Y
Ann BarnleyHead25Y
George HardyHead30N
Rosetta Hardy35N
John Hardy4Y
Sarah Hardy2Y
William FrisbyHead70Y
Sarah Frisby65Y
John DanzeyHead55Y
Ann Danzey50Y
William PickHead35N
Elizabeth Pick35N
Thomas Pick4Y
Richard Pick3Y
William Pick11Y
Ann WardHead60N
John Swain20N
William Bolland15Y
John Brown15Y
Henry Pryor15Y
Mary Perry20N
Rebecca Henson15Y
Elizabeth Freestone15Y
Hannah PornettHead50Y
Frances Pornett20Y
Thomas Pornett20Y
Fanny ArmstrongHead14Y
John Gamble15Y
Thomas ScamptonHead55Y
Sarah Scampton50Y
Mary Scampton2Y
Thomas LeadbetterHead50Y
Sarah Leadbetter35Y
Thomas Leadbetter14Y
Dorothy Leadbetter11Y
Sarah Leadbetter10Y
Elizabeth Leadbetter8Y
Austin Leadbetter7Y
William Leadbetter6Y
George Leadbetter4Y
Eliza Leadbetter3Y
Valentine Leadbetter2Y
Lucy Leadbetter3 MoY
James Leadbetter40Y
Alice GibsonHead15Y
Joseph Johnson15Y
Thomas SnowHead60Y
Elizabeth Snow50Y
Ann Snow13Y
Charles Snow10Y
Edwd HornbuckleHead15Y
Elizabeth Grainger15Y
William SpencerHead35Y
Ruth Spencer20Y
Thomas Spencer3Y
Wm Spencer1Y
Charles BearleyHead30Y
Elizabeth Bearley35Y
William Bearley10Y
Mary Bearley8Y
Ann Bearley6Y
Elizabeth Bearley1Y
Edwd BroughtonHead25N
Catherine Broughton20N
William Broughton1Y
William ThrosbyHead20Y
Ann Throsby20Y
James ChesterHead15Y
William Thornton15Y
William AllenHead25Y
Mary Allen20Y
Sarah Allen2Y

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