Marefield Census Returns - 1901

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Sarah KnappHead61GrazierHoby, Leicestershire, England
Walter J KnappSon27Graziers SonThorpe Satchville, Leicestershire, England
Clara Lucy LeeGranddaughter14Asfordby, Leicestershire, England
Daniel ReedServant13Servant GeneralTwyford, Leicestershire, England
Arthur Potter OliverHead29FarmerTilton, Leicestershire, England
Elizabeth OliverWife25Lowesby, Leicestershire, England
Charles WhiteHead29Cowman on FarmClipsham, Rutland, England
Jane Elizabeth WhiteWife28Twyford, Leicestershire, England
Harriet Ann WhiteDaughter2Marefield, Leicestershire, England
George WhiteSon9 mosMarefield, Leicestershire, England
Hector CowansHead70FarmerNetherwitton, Northumberland, England
Jane CowansWife68, , Scotland
John CowansSon37FarmerAlwinton, Northumberland, England
William CowansSon36FarmerAlwinton, Northumberland, England
Nelly CowansDaughter33Netherwitton, Northumberland, England
Martha CowansDaughter31Netherwitton, Northumberland, England
Eliza CowansVisitor39Netherwitton, Northumberland, England
Jennie Hunter CowansVisitor5Netherwitton, Northumberland, England
John Robert CowansVisitor3Netherwitton, Northumberland, England

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