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Michael Summerfield 21 March 2020
I arrived at this site while researching the family tree of my maternal grandfather (Lomas). Absolutely amazed at the huge amount of work which has gone into it!

PROUST Fran├žoise 30 January 2019
Je suis en France à Tours, 37000. Je suis Madame Proust Françoise, divorcée BARRIER. JE RECHERCHE UN AMI DE MON FILS : PETER HAWSWORTH né à Tilton on the hill. Il habitait dans cette ville avec ses parents dans les années 90. Il est venu en France chez moi pour un échange linguistique avec le lycée FRANCOIS CLOUET de Tours 37000. Il avait 18 ans environ et mon fils, Florent BARRIER avait 16 ans et demi.! Il était brun avec des cheveux mi-longs et avait une barbe et des moustaches. Très gentil et très amusant. Nous l'avions emmené à une cérémonie de baptême de ma nièce. Tout le monde l'avait apprécié. Mon fils et moi serions TRÈS HEUREUX DE RETROUVER PETER. VOUS POUVEZ LUI DONNER MON N° DE TEL : 068544966. JE VOUS REMERCIE PAR AVANCE DE ME TENIR AU COURANT. A bientôt j'espère.
Françoise PROUST ; divorcée BARRIER

Coleen Bower 16 January 2019
Thanks to those people who wrote out the baptismal records for Reuben and Fanny Tymms - James Henry Alfred Tymms was born here where Reuben was a railway worker for one of the railway companies. I would like to know which company for 1876. Your transcribers have solved one of the Tymms puzzles. Reuben was initially a police constable in 1869 at Warrington but in 1876 is working for the railways. The whole family moved to Melb. Aust in early 1893.
Thanks again Coleen

Coleen Bower 16 January 2019
tymms family - Reuben and Fanny Tymms moved from their Warrington Lancs base in 1870, having children in Rose in Scot, Nora in Warrington and fore reasons unknown James Henry Alfred Tymms here in Aug 1876 and another in Newport Bagnell 1880. The occupation information here for Reuben is very interesting as he was once a police constable but stated brick layer as his occupation 1881 onwards. All of this family left for Melbourne Aust, in 1893 to make a new life. Reuben may have returned to Lancs after 1898. My thanks to the team of volunteers who did the extractions from baptisms records over the years.
I just wonder what railway line was being constructed in 1876 in this area.
Thanks Coleen

Elaine Glover 20 December 2018
My name is Elaine Glover and my family names are:

My mother was Valerie Rose Merrikin married Bernard Merriken his father John Thomas died on HMS Acasta 8.6.40 in the North Sea, along with the HMS Glorious and HMS Ardent when a German ship attacked the ships. 1500 men were left in the sea and no one came to their rescue as the HMS Devonshire was carrying the Norway Royal family to the UK with their Gold and silver.
My grandmother Kitty Nichols and Alice Gaylor, Frances Ware Tom Taylor lived in Bombay, India and Calcutta with Tom Taylor and Amelia Taylor nee Tuggey
Amelia Tuggey came from Portsmouth a naval family who had 13 siblings. The youngest were placed into Naval and seaman's orphanage in Portsmouth when her parents died . Marie, Amelia Thomas John Alice .. John the youngest went to Canada in 1891 as one of the 100,000 children trafficked as child migrant slaves. John was 8 years and sent to Middleville to Alex McKay a Scottish pioneering family from Lanark.
Her Father, George Tuggey, was a boatswain on HMS Yacht Fire Queen and he took Queen Victoria to the Isle of White. Her mother Mary Anne Marie nee Scott her father was Thomas Scott a boatswain on HMs pique who fought in 1840 in Battle of Acre and on the way back to UK a storm broke the ships mast one of the last wooden ships and killed Thomas out right leaving Christiana Crossland a widow.
My Grandmother’s father was Tom Taylor and his great grandfather was John Taylor, (who in old age was in the work house) who married Charlotte Zanker. Their son, Tom, who married Frances Hopkins was a publican of the white Heart and also of another . Frances Hopkins’ Mother was John Taylor’s sister.
The Zanker family where of Jewish Origin and came from Prussia many of their European cousins where murdered in the holocaust. Elias Zanker Wife Herte and Eliza were mentioned in the Tilton on the hill Census and they came from Austria. Elias was in a concentration camp before WW2 as his nickname was Adolf the Germans wanted him to change it so he refused. They were there at krisitalnacht night of the broken glass. By then they had a son Klaus they were sent to the Isle of Man by the red cross as Jewish refugees in an internment camp. They had an uncle Arthur.
Why were they on the Tilton census and which of the Zankers were they related to? Why did the Zankers come to Billesdon in 1700s, ans where did they come? Does anybody know?
The Zankers were a huge family in Billesdon ....
Another Jewish family was the Allurds...from Rebbekah ?
With my Grandmother Kitty Nichols Eileen when Grandmother died in 1994 we discovered Eileen wasn’t the daughter of Charles Nichols and as yet we have no idea who the father was I know she would like to know before she passes on.

Daniel Tilton 05 December 2018
Interesting website. I found my way here after tracing my family tree as far back as Sir Digby.

Palmer ancestors 29 October 2018
lest we forget
CYRIL PALMER -died Rippon Military hospital - January 2018
And also remembering with other brave men from Tilton on the Hill who gave their lives for King and Country and subsequent ansectors of which I am one.
The sorrow felt and horror of war must have been unimaginable for those involved
LEST we FORGET in this centenary anniversary of the end of this conflict.

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