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nora spilner 05 March 2006
PLUS my father died in tilton (1970) and there is no record of him.

nora spilner 05 March 2006
I am astonished to see that my surname is not on the website as my mothe (Lydia Spilner) has lived in Tilton since 1951 and is well known.

Nigel Kenward 05 February 2006
I am reaserching my Ancestors and on my mothers side the line is full of Liquorishes. But they are the London mob, including would you believe it (1901 Census William Liquorish born 1861 London) but with wife Drusilla plus Sidney,Daisy,Lily,Edward,Alice and finally Flossie (my beloved Granny) all from Halstead in Essex. How is that for coincidence? I would look forward to talking to your Liquorish Expert to see if our and your are connected in any way. Cheers Nigel Kenward PS I used to do motor bike trials at Tilton at an old railway embankement!

Maureen 17 December 2005
Thank you - have so enjoyed working through the site.
I was born and raised in Tilton and have very good memories and often return there.
I saw the gravestone of my dear friend Priscilla Hoare who died when just a young girl..

ROGER BERNAL TILTON 07 November 2005

antony 04 November 2005
im looking for some one huw lived here a long time ago john burbige

Jill King 02 November 2005
What an amazing site - I put"Tilton" in the search engine to locate the place - chasing relatives and found - joy of joy -8 pages of root trees to search through.
Well done, excellent, and THANK YOU!
PS main family here is Hawkins.

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