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Paul Randell 22 June 2006
My family have originated in Tilton-on-the-Hill and have been there since about 1651. If anyone has any more info about the Randell family tree I can be contacted by e-mail

Terry Springthorpe. 17 June 2006
This site is totally awesome and a credit to its creators. Through your site I have discovered much useful information and vital dates. I have also discovered that there are 11 members of the Springthorpe family buried in Tilton Parish Church grave yard. Could anyone please tell me if there is a plan of the plots in the graveyard as I would dearly love to pay my respects.
Many thanks again for a beautiful and informative site. Looking forward to any updates that you might make. Terry.

Lois (Tilton) Braccio 17 June 2006
My great-grandfther was John Henry Tilton (sea-captain) born in 1840 in Pa. He married Eliza Ann Frambes in N.J. and they had 3 children. He may have ended his days in Baltimore, Md. I am unable to establish who his parents were.

Helen Anderson (nee Partridge) 28 May 2006
Brilliant site! I remember Tilton well, my father farmed at Whatborough on the hill, and at Rodhill Farm, and I went to old village school there, I remember the Meakin family having a shop down way past the Church.

margaret lowe 25 April 2006
smashing site hubands father lived in tilton woking on the railway and lived in the cottages with his family the lowe family who came from billesdon thanks again margaret lowe

Joan Rowbottom 10 March 2006
Love the site

I'm doing a Billesdon Marriage Challenge at present and trying to match all the GRO for Billesdon RO from 1837-1912 and list with actual dates, spouse and place of marriage. any additons or look ups would be gratefully received. I have found a book of Tilton Banns at the Record Office, but the Marriage Register is missing - any ideas?

nora spilner 05 March 2006
PLUS my father died in tilton (1970) and there is no record of him.

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