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Sheila White 31 May 2008
Very good website. Has a lot info about my family, the Randells. Would be interested in contacting Paul Randell from page 5 of this guestbook, he might be my cousin, and would like to know where he got his info from. Also, anyone else interested in the Randells. One of my ancestors, Thomas Randell, used to own the Rose & Crown Pub in Tilton in the late 1800s.

kate inchley 11 March 2008
Hello, I have just found this site, I have lived at Whatborough farm cottages all my life, i moved away but have now moved back as its so lovely. Ema if you read this get in contact with me would be great to catch up. Kate.

Berkley H. Tilton 24 February 2008
My Son, Damian and I visited the Church in 2005 and am puzzled to note that when one types in a surname search for "Tilton" nothing shows up even though thre are three Tiltons interred in the church itself. Why is that? We have traced our parternal Tilton ancestry back to 1328, with documented backup. Always willing to help someone with research. We currently live in Alaska, USA. Berkley H. Tilton.

Elsie H. Wison 30 January 2008
Researching the Hooker family that lived at Marsfield, but parish church was Tilton.
1500's and earlier.
Family of Rev. Thomas Hooker, b. 1586

Gill Childs 24 January 2008
I've been enjoying looking at everything on your excellent site - mainly because I know someone who has gone to live in Tilton.

bettybaker 03 January 2008
i have just read one off your entries left by ema tiney i think i know your family and played as a child with your father and is brothers

betty baker 23 December 2007
i was born at tilton and my grandfather was station master there until the station closed my family goes back a long time my great grandfathers name was goodman and my grandfathers was reed

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