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Frederick Turnbull Houghton on the Hill 17 March 2011
Re-Penny Richardson enquiries about the Sikes Family, my grandmother was Rosamond Sikes - married my grandfather Frederick Turnbull both are buried in the family grave next to the Sikes grave in Tilton churchyard Contact welcome Fred Turnbull

Bryan Krapez 17 March 2011
Traced my family from Australia back to Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, and one root came to Leicestershire via the marriage of Elizabeth Horton/Orton to Charles Ward (of Churchover in Warwickshire). The father of Elizabeth Orton was Thomas Horton/Orton, baptised 1756 in Tilton On The Hill.
Really great to find a site that helps.
But wish I could find the marriage of that Thomas Horton/Orton to Isabella.

John Lucas 08 March 2011
re Betty Baker's interest in Reeds and Goodmans.

If she has any interest in tracing Goodmans beyond Samuel (see gravestones) who died in 1922, he is my grandfather. Ada who is mentioned on the atone died in 1980/1, a widow for 60 years!

I don't know if she has seen the East of Leicestershire book which pictures quite a few Goodman (Mammy and I think William on platelaying gang).

If she requires any info please contact me

John Lucas. An exceptional website

Philip 18 February 2011
Thanks for a useful and interesting website.

There is a useful forum for discussing genealogy and local history in Leicester & Leicestershire it's at

Penny Richardson 14 February 2011
What an excellent web site you have created.
I am at present researching my family history (the Sikes Family) and it has helped me to find out a lot. Thank you.

Sharon Grant 10 October 2010
A great resource. Many thanks - very helpful in tracing the Crane/Crain family.

f.c.turnbull 25 September 2010
thanks for including details of the turnbull family graves and photographs this is much appreaciated,sorry if my origional query appeared curt but i have yet to learn the computer lingo,again many thanks.

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