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ema tiney 24 January 2007
i lived in one of the "whatborough" farm cottages for my entire early childhood,i was born in 1976 and am now 30. i went to school in knossington,just a short bus trip away. it was a beautiful place to of grown up,the woods all around and whatever the season there was never a dull moment!! i'd loved to of finally found out more about the history behind the old village of whatborough,up on the hill. it was our favourite place as kids,my brother and twin sister also loved to play up there,open to all the elements,free as.....well,as children should be. my name is emma,my mum and dad are sue and roger gill,my late nana was joan. anyone out there with any stories to share on either family or area history???

Rachel Ward 24 January 2007
A very interesting find, I was at the old primary school in the mid-late 1960's, Winifred Poole was headteacher then. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone there at around that time.

Richard Branston 07 December 2006
Wonderful site, very informative and has obviously taken a great deal of time and effort, which is very much appreciated. I may have found my “missing” link, more investigation required!

In brief, I am trying to find the parents of John Branston (or any family members) born Market Harborough in 1803, could your “Branston’s” be the same family?

Great site and thank you.

Piri 12 November 2006

One of my ancestors was Samuel Randell, born around 1796 to Anne Ward and William Randell of Tilton-on-Hill. A wee anecdote goes that he was convicted of larceny and sent to 'the colonies', after which he was released for 'good behaviour' At some stage he sailed to New Zealand with the British. There he met one of my other ancestors, a Maori woman by the name of Tuhituhi Turia, they married and had many children.

Although this may sound like something out of Pochahontas, there is a 'funeral pages' newspaper clipping which speaks of Samuel Randell being a 'Maori Pakeha' and he did indeed marry Tuhituhi.

It is even said that, in order avoid detection by the British, he received traditional Maori tattoos called moko.

Although most of their children remained in New Zealand, one of the girld married one James Armitage and settled in Hawaii.

If by chance anyone knows anything further, I would be really grateful to hear from you.

Many thanks,

Carolyn Lofquist 25 October 2006
Hello - just found your site and find it very well presented.

My maternal Grandmother, Margaret (Maggie) Bamford, was born in Tilton Wood Cottages in 1884 and some of her siblings are mentioned on this site although there are a few Bamford names new to me which I'll have to check. I've been researching the Bamfords for 15 or so years now. There are 3 brickwalls for 3 of Maggie's siblings. We never knew her as she died 13 days after my Mother (who is now 88) was born here in Ontario.

Any Bamford descendants reading this, I'd be very happy to hear from you.


Peter Moore 17 October 2006
A fantastic project and a first class website.
As an added bonus it mentions my Wildbore ancestors - please make contact if you are also searching WILDBORE.

ANNE PALING 15 October 2006
Thank you for a beautifully presented site.
My family lived in Houghton on the Hill during 19th and early 20th century. As Tilton is near to Houghton my relatives married people from Tilton and many are recorded on this site. If you would like to know which one of several possibles they married I may be able to help. You have also helped me knockdown a "brick wall" which has been standing for over 30 years!!

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