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Anonymous 20 May 2007
read the comments left by mrs m head, HOW unjust and unfair to make a comment about tilton pub after only one short vist, it is a fantastic pub and by no means unhappy, the staff and locals are such a happy lovely bunch of people,so if you ever find yourself in lovely tilton, do pay a vist to the lovely village pub, there is also a lovely village shop/store , which is also worth a vist even if its just to meet the lovely very friendly staff that work there

Peter_Dorinzon 23 April 2007
Perfect work. Great site. Add more pictures. It'll make your site more attractive.

Marianne Head 18 April 2007
I visited Tilton today, had a good look around the village and particularly the church, which was open. I walked in the footsteps of my ancestors , the Warringtons. Even went into the old pub which must have been used by them. Sorry to say, it wasnt a happy pub.
Also visited Barsby and Ashby Folville where some of the Warringtons moved to circa 1830. Found the gravestone of Samuel Warrington who died at Barsby but who had been born at Tilton in 1780.
All lovely villages in the spring sunshine.

Sherburne TIlton 14 April 2007
from Massachusettes and just looking around

KenMarshall 09 April 2007
Thanks for helping

ema.tiney 22 March 2007
last posted notes in febuary,i would really love to get any contact from anyone whom i grew up with and indeed that knew or knows any of my family. my surname then was GILL. my grandparents were joan and cyril, my mum is sue and my dad is roger. I lost touch with all of my fathers side of the family and would love to be reunited. any contact welcome.

Mr Spendthrift 21 March 2007
I must say I am very impressed at the height of your village.

Yours winningly,

Mr G A Spendthrift.

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